Triumph Over Adversity

Triumph Over Adversity

Evil does exist, but the spirit of survival and striving to overcome evil in every possible way to go on to live full, rich lives is stronger.

World War 2 had a lasting impact on many people, including my family. My parents, their siblings, and my grandparents were all incarcerated in Japanese POW or Women & Children’s or Men’s camps in the Dutch East Indies. Much about the atrocities they faced during their years of incarceration has been overlooked by historians.

This book reveals their stories.

And this book reveals how their incredible spirits and resilience and strength overcame the worst of adversities. They triumphed during a time of great upheaval.

Read Robert Alexander Doorenbos’s LIFE AND HARD TIMES, Dr. Johan Willem Alexander Doorenbos’s THE GREAT TURNING POINT, and see the incredible portraits and drawings created during their incarceration by Henriette Marie Doorenbos in this first edition of TRIUMPH OVER ADVERSITY.


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