Fake Date Dare

Fake Date Dare



A dare between my sister’s ex-boyfriend and me is the reason he’s my fake date for my ten-year high school reunion. But there’s a problem. I’ve got a secret. And if he discovers the truth, I may end up losing him forever. 

My besties and I vowed to return to our hometown for our high school reunion as glamorous, successful women with hot guys as our significant others.  

We also promised our favorite teacher we’d show up for her special teaching award ceremony.

There’s no backing out now.

My older sister’s attending the reunion with my ex-boyfriend.

So I decide to stick it to her by bringing her ex—and my secret crush—to the event.

But he wants something else from me that only I can give.

Adapt my alter ego’s blockbuster books into a streaming network’s series.

I can’t say yes to his business proposal until I wiggle out of another deal.

So I ask him to prove his media company is the right choice.

Stalling until I can tell Max the truth isn’t easy.

And sharing space with him makes me want him more than ever.

Turns out he wants me too.

Great, right? 

But if he discovers the truth, I’m terrified I’ll lose everything, including him.

Contemporary Romance

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