Sexy, Intriguing, Emotional Romances

Fake Fiancé Cover

Fake Fiancé

Nick Cooper wants to avenge his parents’ deaths and he’ll do anything to destroy his enemy—even proposing a fake engagement to the man’s niece. She’s got the social connections he needs to finally force the man into a no-win deal …
Bad Boy Makeover Cover

Bad Boy Makeover

After punching a sleazy paparazzo, the Bad Boy of Rock Drake Sheridan is in a court-ordered time out, but his house arrest becomes exciting when he meets his caseworker Kayla Baron. Part of his rehabilitation includes performing community service at …
The Marriage Ultimatum Cover

The Marriage Ultimatum

When Italian Tycoon Stefano Durante accidentally reunites with his ex lover, he’s shocked to discover his son. He’ll do anything to protect his boy from the woman who conned him three years ago, even take full custody unless she accepts …
Falling For You Boxset Cover

Falling For You Boxset

These steamy, emotional romances will heat up your nights… Fall in love all over again in sizzling hot love stories featuring three sexy heroes: the Prince, the Hollywood action movie star, and the Olympic sports champion will win your hearts …
Wrong Prince, Right Lover Cover

Wrong Prince, Right Lover

He’s the wrong brother at the right time… sexy, thrilling, hot… After his older brother suddenly dies, Prince Santiago de la Fuente honors his family’s peace negotiation and proposes marriage to his brother’s fiancée to prevent a war between their …
The Tycoon’s Red Hot Marriage Merger Cover

The Tycoon’s Red Hot Marriage Merger

Can he release her inner vixen without losing his heart? Geeky mathematician, Cassandra Nelson, proposes to her father’s sworn enemy to protect her family’s shipbuilding corporation from a takeover. Regatta racing tycoon, Marco Delgado, knows their union is a quick …