Fake Husband Hoax

Fake Husband Hoax



My mom is the reason I’ve got to bring a fake husband to my ten year high school reunion and not just any guy will be right for the part because I’ve got a secret too.

My besties and I vowed to return to our hometown for our high school reunion as glamorous, successful women with hot guys as our Plus 1s. 

We also promised our favorite teacher we’d show up for her special teaching award ceremony.

There’s no backing out now.

Too bad my mom told my worst high school nemesis that I’m married.

To my hot boss.

I’ve crushed on Evan for years. 

He’s a serial dater and I’m looking for a lifelong match.

But I need him to be my fake guy for one weekend.


He needs me to score a major client.

I tell him I can’t work for him but…

If he ties the fake knot with me, I’ll stay.

Evan agrees.

Nothing can go wrong, right?

Except we’re spending a lot of time together.


Up close and personal.

My feelings for Evan aren’t fake at all.

And he’s starting to show me a side of him that makes me fall for him even more.

But a surprise announcement at a big bash changes everything.

I wanted a Plus 1, but Evan’s not even close to living up to my real hope for us.


Unless he can find a way to give us both a chance at having a true Happily Ever After.

Contemporary Romance

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