Fake Fiancé Fiasco

Fake Fiancé Fiasco



My high school reputation as a total geek is the reason I’m heading to the reunion with the hottest quarterback on the injured list as my Plus 1. But there’s a problem. I’m breaking the number one rule of this fake engagement. Don’t fall in love. 

My besties and I vowed to return to our hometown for our high school reunion as glamorous, successful women with hot guys as our significant others.  

We also promised our favorite teacher we’d show up for her special teaching award ceremony.

There’s no backing out now.

My star quarterback client is desperate.

He has to prove he’s up to playing the game again.

I’ve got the biomedical expertise to bring him up to speed.

But there’s another problem. 

He also needs help to reverse bad press all over the Internet.

I offer to give him more than the therapy he needs.

And concoct a plan to be his fake fiancée.

If he’ll be my Plus 1 for that reunion weekend.

This will give the media a positive spin on his life.

Instead of the negative one his ex-wife is broadcasting.

After all, who doesn’t love seeing a geek catch the most popular guy? 

This gig will be easy to pull off. Right?

No. Not so much.

Because the minute we kiss in real life to seal the deal.

My heart is totally on the line.

And the secret my company’s CEO is forcing me to keep? 

It might blow any chance I have with Luke.

Contemporary Romance

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