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He’s the wrong brother at the right time… sexy, thrilling, hot…

After his older brother suddenly dies, Prince Santiago de la Fuente honors his family’s peace negotiation and proposes marriage to his brother’s fiancée to prevent a war between their countries. Princess Ilsa van Winnsen agrees to go through with the arranged marriage despite having her heart broken only days earlier by Santiago’s brother. But she’s still a virgin and no way will she lose her virginity to the wrong prince without a few sexy lessons. And she definitely won’t make the mistake of falling in love with another de la Fuente man. But their sexy games spiral into a sizzling sexual and emotional encounter. Now they believe they’ve got a shot at a real happily ever after… if rumors and betrayals don’t drive them apart…


“The warmth of their bodies melding… the heat of their tongues against each other… the flare of need blazing through his blood obliterated the cold wind that captured the scent of winter snow.”

Falling for Her Unxepected Bodyguard

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