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Between the Covers: Wrong Prince, Right Lover

WRONG PRINCE, RIGHT LOVER is a story I developed to be part of a boxset featuring Royal & Reckless heroes and heroines. I’d toyed with creating a fictional kingdom before, but I never went through with it due to other publishing demands. Now I had a chance to revisit the idea and I’m so glad I did!

First, I dusted off a star gazing and astronomy guide to come up with unique names for my hero and heroine’s countries: Menkara and Valdoria. Menkara is Ilsa van Winnsen’s home and once possessed the now free country that Santiago de la Fuente must rule now that his older brother has suddenly died in a freak accident. I set these former warring nations’ countries in a Mediterranean Sea climate and voila. I had two kingdoms and a my characters must come together prevent another war from breaking out.

Ilsa has been engaged to Santiago’s older brother, Javier, her entire life as part of a peace negotiation. She’s eager to go through with the marriage, but Javier’s sudden death puts everything in peril. Enter the sexy younger brother Santiago who wants her to go through with the bargain. She agrees, but after overhearing Javier tell Santiago he isn’t attracted to her and is merely doing his duty, she’s deeply hurt. She’d hoped for more. And no way will she let another de la Fuente man break her heart again.

Ilsa might be able to protect her heart from Santiago, but she’s not going to be able to resist this sexy prince who is now Valdoria’s King.

Ilsa might be able to protect her heart from Santiago, but she’s not going to be able to resist this sexy prince who is now Valdoria’s King.

But Santiago has a secret. He’s always wanted Ilsa. Now he’s got her and he’s going to find a way to make her fall in love with him. Unfortunately, the reasons for his brother’s death are mired in a conspiracy. One that could cost him his kingdom and the woman he loves.

So, out of one nugget: a fantasy kingdom added to a marriage of convenience trope, I have a story that becomes more interesting with twists and turns and intrigue. Plus, these characters have a real chance at love and happiness because unlike his older brother, Santiago is thrilled to be her husband. Even better, he’s willing to abide by this virginal bride’s wish to take it slow with sexy lessons in the bedroom until she’s ready to consummate their marriage.

Trust me. The lessons are super sexy and Ilsa’s no prude, much to Santiago’s surprise. When these lessons culminate in a passionate, sexy honeymoon on the beach, they’re more than physically drawn together, real love blooms.

A gorgeous, fictional kingdom set in a Mediterranean paradise. Welcome to Valdoria!

A gorgeous, fictional kingdom set in a Mediterranean paradise. Welcome to Valdoria!

Why? Because Santiago is a man of honor who knows the best way to gain Ilsa’s heart is to earn her respect and trust. Ilsa’s drawn to the man who is taking his country into the modern age with her by his side as an equal partner. Together, they’ll change the course of their future and their children’s futures by changing the archaic agreements forged in the past. By joining forces, they’re stronger and that is what leads to their connection on all levels—physical, mental and emotional.

Romances can be sweet or spicy, but no amount of sugar or hot sauce will make the love between the two characters realistic and believable if they don’t earn it on a deep, emotional level.

These are the kinds of stories I love to read and these are the kinds of stories I like to write regardless of where they fit in the romance sub genres.

Here’s a peek inside right after their first sexy lessons:

She stood, walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “But in the meantime, we’re fighting an uphill battle against the traditional holdouts. I doubt they’ll budge on the progressive direction you want to take Valdoria if we don’t answer the questions surrounding Javier’s death.” 

And would he ever be rid of his brother’s ghost? Still, her voice was soft, steady. Reassuring him. His muscles relaxed and the knot in his belly loosened, but Santiago had no doubt he’d have to fight, to claw his way out from under his brother’s shadow. “There’s nothing I can do to accelerate the investigation,” he said. “But we can’t wait for the coroner’s results to close the deal. I won’t lose this opportunity—I’m going to the council now. Convince them to vote for this change even if it takes me all day.” He might drag the entire council and country into this century without their full respect, but he didn’t need their approval. Hell. He’d lived without it so long, he’d learned to move on with only his own approval. 

Until Ilsa.

She’d been a stunning partner in the bedroom. And she’d become a welcome support in an otherwise hostile environment. Time would take care of making her a true lover, partner and wife in the future.

Wrong Prince, Right Lover is on preorder for only .99 until it goes live on January 22, 2019. If you love reading emotionally compelling, sexy and intriguing stories, now is a good time to grab your copy of this one with all the romance, passion and page turning suspense bundled into a short, fast read!

Available from Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple

☆*´¨`*:☆ROYAL & RECKLESS BOXSET: Spotlight on Author Sylvie Stewart☆*´¨`*:☆

I'm so excited to host one of the Royal & Reckless Boxset Authors on my blog. Sylvie Stewart graciously sent me a lot of information about her journey to publication and more. And best of all, y'all get a sneak peek at her fun cover and her story BETWEEN A ROCK AND A ROYAL for the fabulous boxset today! Even better, you can PREORDER ROYAL AND RECKLESS now!! 


Mister Awkward had officially left the building and Prince Charm-Your-Panties-Off was back and getting down to business.

I’d been going back and forth in my mind about how far I wanted to take things with Leo, but I eventually decided to go with the horny part of my brain that rationalized he’d already been all up in my lady bits, so I may as well check out the other ways Leo Baxter could rock my world.

He was off to a killer start. His warm, demanding lips collided with mine and I didn’t hesitate to wrap both arms around him and pull him in. He was back to the white t-shirt and jeans and his feet were bare, a small detail that I found both adorable and sexy. I never really thought I had a type, apart from my misguided foray into bad-boy land, but Leo’s whole sexy-nerd thing was doing it for me big time.





Can you share a little about your journey to publication?

I must have started writing a dozen books by the time I was in college (which are so painful to read now – LOL). Then life moved on and I didn’t think about it much until I hit my forties and my kids started school. I’d just put down the fifth book in a row that I couldn’t bring myself to finish reading. I was frustrated that I wasn’t finding any satisfying reads (I just happened to be in a rut at the time—I know the world is filled with tons of fabulous books. Unfortunately, none of them were on my Kindle at that moment). I sat down at my computer and figured I’d take a crack at writing a book I’d love to read. Everything took off from there and it’s been better than I ever expected!

What authors do you like to read?

I have a special love for Kristen Ashley. I want to have her babies. She writes in so many different sub-genres that there is always a book of hers that fits my mood. I also love how she does her own thing, regardless of what anyone might say.

Do you have a favourite genre in books (to read and/or to write)?

Romantic Comedy all the way!

Is there a genre you’d like to try writing and haven’t yet?

I’m toying with the idea of Romantic Suspense and Westerns, but they’d all have to be funny too.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I want so badly to be a plotter, but the pantser in me keeps getting in the way!

Do you have a favorite character in your books?

That’s so hard. It’s usually whoever I’m writing at the moment, but Fiona from my Carolina Connections series holds a special place in my heart. And she’s the most fun to write—that’s why she keeps cropping up in all the other books, I guess.

What makes a great romance hero?

I love the guys who show some vulnerability. The whole cocky alpha thing can be really hot, but I love it when a hero opens himself up.

What makes a great romance heroine?

I love a woman who gives as good as she gets!

What is the nicest thing a reviewer has ever said about one of your books?

This one is hard too! But this review is a definite favorite: “Fun, fulfilling and fast-paced, Sylvie Stewart’s latest book, The Spark, is also a masterclass in how to write a strong, sexy heroine with a hint of vulnerability that a reformed playboy hero simply can’t resist.” – After the Rain Comes Sunshine Blog

How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life?

In a word, terribly. LOL

What do you like best about being a writer?

Getting to do what I love and sharing it with all the readers out there. It’s like a little club—I love it!

What do you like the least about being a writer?

I never feel like I’m “off.” My brain is always working on a new story or thinking about the ten-mile-long to do list waiting for me.

If you had one piece of advice for aspiring authors, what would it be?

Get involved in the author community first so you can get your ducks in a row. Then start thinking about publishing. I did it in the wrong order and have regretted it since.

Steamy romance, erotic romance or erotica – what is the difference in your view?

Steamy romance, to me, is when it’s story-driven but there’s hot sex in it. Erotic romance is when there’s an interesting story to follow, but more than half the book is sex scenes with very detailed descriptions and sexual adventures outside the “mainstream.” I classify a book as erotica if removing the sex scenes leaves no real story. Just my opinion.

Tell us more about your upcoming title in the Royal and Reckless Collection.

My book for the Royal and Reckless boxed set is called Between a Rock and a Royal. It’s really fun, steamy, and sweet all a once. Ruby is a North Carolina girl who likes wearing heels and working on cars, and she’s unfailingly loyal to her family—which gets her in a jam. Leo is a prince visiting the U.S. with his brother, and the two of them end up on an adventure that puts them in Ruby’s path. Sparks fly between Ruby and Leo, but they’re both keeping secrets. I love the chemistry between those two!

Can you please share the blurb?

Two foreign princes, one local girl in a serious jam, and a ’65 Mustang headed for Georgia. What could go wrong?

LEO: My brother likes to think he’s the clever one, and I usually let him. He’s the crown prince, after all. But he’s cocked things up royally this time, pardon the pun. It will take some quick thinking and a heavy dose of luck, but I’ll pull us out of it. Even if it means putting my trust in a stranger … a tempting stranger who carries a wrench and an attitude.

RUBY: I knew before I even agreed that this would be a bad idea. But given my circumstances, I had little choice but to take these two rich country-club rejects up on their offer. A ride in exchange for the money my uncle and I owe. How bad could it be? I’m sure I’ll survive and hopefully fix my problems in the process, but my heart might not be so lucky.

 What appeals to you about writing a story featuring a royal?

I actually never planned on it. Most of my books are about “regular folk.” But it’s been a fun departure—so much so that another book featuring Leo’s brother is in the works!

Why do you think readers love stories featuring royals?

Let’s face it—most people who read romance have seen Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding more than once. And the fact that they got divorced hardly even matters! It’s the fantasy. If we actually knew any royals, we probably wouldn’t be interested in reading romances about them - LOL

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Royal & Reckless Steamy Romance Boxset Sweepstakes

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Which royal will rule your heart?

Power, money, and fame aren’t the only noble pursuits. Enter the world of the Royal and Reckless, where the blue bloods run red hot, and scorching secrets lie just beneath the polished surface.

Inside these pages, you’ll find stranded royals, fake fiancées, reverse harem kingdoms, and more than one compromising position. From hidden royalty to secret babies, plots and twisted games, there’s something for everyone in the steamy scandals behind the crowns.

Join the Royal and the Reckless with more than twenty sizzling tales of sex, love, intrigue, betrayal, and blackmail! PREORDER TODAY!


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The Healthy Writer: Journey Back to Fitness

I've always prided myself on taking care of my body and maintaining a decent weight for my height and age. However, in November 2015, everything changed. Not overnight, but over a period of many months. 

The change began with a new asthma medication I started using, which I didn't realize would deplete my body of calcium and potassium. Two very important minerals to maintain your health and fitness levels. In addition to the new medication slowly leaching these vital nutrients from my body, I had added several intense workouts to my regime in the hope to work off the last remaining and extremely pesky 5 pounds I wanted to lose.

Add to this mix the fact that I was under deadlines, sitting for hours at a stretch in my writing chair, and slouching over my keyboard. 

Fast forward. My cramps don't go away. My muscular strength is fading. I land in an ER in February 2016 after suffering a torso cramp so intense I could not stand.

No objections here. At this point, I thought I might have something seriously wrong. Something that could kill me. After HOURS at the ER during which I was poked, probed, given a CT full body scan and also offered morphine when I suffered another torso cramp, they found NOTHING wrong. 

OK. Not dying. Good thing because I had a book to finish, an anthology to wrangle with other authors and I was their uploader. Probably wouldn't have been good if I had died. 

Then what the heck was wrong with me? I knew it was muscular, but what caused the horrible cramps? 

At this time, I was still taking the asthma medicine inhaler daily. I knew my problem wasn't internal so I turned to GOOGLE and began researching this problem. I discovered multiple boards detailing the same debilitating cramps. The culprit? My asthma medication. 

I stopped taking it immediately. Now I rely on my rescue inhaler. Period. 

But the damage wasn't reversed. And working out only ascerbated the problem. So I backed off and suddenly the weight started to pile on because I need to workout to maintain. My metabolism slowed to the point where it only responded to intense, high energy workouts. As the weight piled on, my level of frustration grew. And, in addition to the cramps, I had terrible lower back pain. Every time I sat down to work for any length of time, I felt like an old woman who couldn't straighten up from her hunched position. I am not that old... but I felt very old...

That's when I stopped weighing myself. Why depress myself every day? I took all my cute clothes that I used to wear to the thrift shop, then lived in leggings and big tops. I continued to gain until finally, in May 2017, I faced the scale. 

That was not a good day. That was an ugly cry day. That was a "how in the hell am I ever going to get back to where I was when I thought I needed to lose just 5 measly pounds? I weighed over 200 pounds. And I was MISERABLE. 

This me in April 2017 during a Spring Fling. I weighed over 200 pounds in this picture, but at the time I was in denial.

This me in April 2017 during a Spring Fling. I weighed over 200 pounds in this picture, but at the time I was in denial.

I'd already started to work out again but the cramps continued to plague me. Once I had one that was so severe while at the local YMCA, I had to fight off the tears as all the macho men and the superpower women worked out around me. 

I cried all the way home. When I got there, I marked the places where the cramps occurred with a sharpie pen in a big BLACK X. I had a new doctor to see the following week and I was determined to figure out what the hell was going on. 


My new doctor examined me. He was (and is) a compassionate and kind General Practictioner. The first thing he said was this was muscular and I needed to see a physical therapist. He listened. He cared. He didn't jump to conclusions or judge me for how far I had fallen.

He sent me to a physical therapy clinic where the fabulous therapist went through all the paperwork I'd filled out, told me she wasn't sure about the torso cramps, but she could help me overcome the excruciating lower back pain. I felt a measure of hope.

This is me after losing 30 pounds. I feel great!

This is me after losing 30 pounds. I feel great!

She got me on the treatment table and began to assess my body. And then she said... you're textbook and called her staff over to look at what was textbook about my body. I had a misaligned hip. My body was literally trying to straighten itself out for over 2 years after the initial muscle cramp. Or maybe the hip happened first. I'll never know.

But what I do know is that this discovery led to my FULL recovery from the pain. Yes. I had to go through many PT sessions until I graduated and I've noticed that if I sit for long periods of time or push too hard, twinges occur. BUT I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO TO WARD OFF THE PAIN.

I had to learn how to work out all over again. I couldn't do extreme fitness classes or major torso work at all. I had help from a dear friend who set me up on some machines that stabilized my core. I backed down from pushing for over an hour of cardio, slowly rebuilding my strength with 30-40 minute treadmill walks or elliptical runs. I followed all this up with my physical therapy exercises and stretches.

I also went on a "lifestyle change" which helped. So since May 2017 when I had the meeting with the scale and the ugliest cry ever I have lost 30 pounds. I'm proud of myself. I am a bit below where I was before the first serious torso cramp occurred, and I'm giving myself permission to coast at this current weight for a bit until pressing to lose that last 5-10 pounds. 

My journey back to a healthier me wasn't easy. But I've learned a lot about myself and how to live now because of this journey. In the future, I will be posting Healthy Writer articles to share with you because I want to connect with you regardless of where you are in your fitness levels. 

This is a no judgment zone. Everyone has to start somewhere. We all backslide. We all have setbacks, and we all have triumphant moments! 



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I'm partying on Facebook with Tina Donahue and other romance authors to celebrate Tina's WICKED release TODAY!! Join us for a fabulous night where the only rules are to have fun, comment for chances to win fabulous prizes and swag!!

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Notes from the Writer's Chair

Wow!! I just finished my second book for the Brotherhood Protectors' Kindle World and sent it to my editors. Super excited about Claire and Jacob's story FALLING FOR HER TEMPORARY BODYGUARD which will release April 5, 2018.

Hope y'all are doing great!! Thanks for being part of my reading crew and enjoy all the fabulous parties, giveaways and more!

You can check out all my current releases on the following sites:

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RWA: Benefits of Membership for All Serious Romance Writers (VOTE)

I wrote my first complete romance novel in 2005 back when I really didn't know anything about anything. I didn't even know Romance Writers of America existed. After I finished my story, I sent it to two friends who were avid romance readers for feedback. If they had hated my story, I might not have continued writing. Good thing they loved it. Encouraged, I submitted synopsis and query about my story to one of the sub genre's famous publishing houses. A full was requested & subsequently rejected by a very nice editor who told me I had potential and to join the Romance Writers of America to hone that potential. 

I joined RWA in 2005. At that time, I eagerly devoured the RWR--Romance Readers' Report. I started entering contests for feedback (back before electronic entries existed), I found two other romance writers, unpublished, and we banded together as a critique group. I found a local chapter and joined. I moved, joined other chapters in my new state as well as in Georgia. I continued to learn my craft by attending workshops, programs, and conferences at the regional and national levels. I learned about the industry. I volunteered. I grew as a writer and through many ups and downs, I finally got that CALL for my first sale in 2013. I was on my way! All this was due to the incredible resources available to me via RWA's powerful & professional organization. 

After I sold, I decided to go all Indie. I had made PAN (Published Author Network) a year after my initial sale. The publishing landscape has changed drastically, particularly for romance authors. Now there are so many ways to become published and there are more authors competing for their piece of the pie. The pieces are getting smaller, but I decided that my career meant more than making a huge income in order to be a success. I wanted control over my time and control over the kinds of stories I write and publish. I enjoy that control. And writing is so much fun again that I am happy I made this decision.

RWA's membership is around 10,000 with about 7,000 eligible to vote in the general election. But there are many more romance authors out there operating on their own without benefit of membership because they A-they don't feel RWA has a place for them anymore or B-they are marginalized or were excluded in the past from RWA's benefits based on their sexuality, skin color, or the romances they wrote which target the LGBTQ, People of Color, and more. As a white, straight woman who writes one man-one woman romances, I've never had to experience that exclusion but I hope I have always been a welcoming person. I believe love is love. Period. So does the current RWA. You can learn more about how RWA has actively worked to change that situation in Bree Bridge's Blog here: About RWA: The Past Week and the Future - VOTE) or C-They can find the information about marketing & craft develop via other sources online, in Facebook Groups, and more. D-They are networking online versus in person due to time constraints or due to being discriminated against because of their sexuality, skin color, or the romances they wrote which target the LGBTQ communities. 

During the last several years, RWA's National Board has undertaken the challenge of building roads to publication for ALL of its members. They have reached out to those who have left and encouraged them to return because there is value to being a member regardless of our backgrounds and differences. They've encouraged diversity and have a diversity council. They've fought for the rights of all authors in matters regarding getting rights back from publishing houses, ensuring that pirated books on vendor sites are taken down and more. They continue to expand their educational platform and this year's national conference was a reflection of those changes. I'm proud to be a member of this organization. It does good work and will continue to work for every author/writer in this ever changing industry.

I will always remain a member of the National Romance Writers of America because it is my professional organization and it takes care of me, the independently published author, whenever I need advice or help in dealing with professional issues that I can't resolve on my own. I need the might of RWA behind me to help navigate my small business waters. My dues give me access to their legal department along with access to education and resources to better my career and my craft. I'm not a big money-making author with tons of resources to fight for my rights. But I am an RWA member in good standing and that means I still have someone in my corner willing to go to battle for me.

RWA is making sure EVERYONE has someone fighting for them--for their "road" to get to the marketplace and for EVERYONE to be protected by the RWA Professional Organization umbrella. 

If you are a romance author/writer who no longer has a membership, NOW is the time to reinstate. YOU CAN VOTE within days of reinstating your membership. If you are a romance author/writer with membership in RWA, NOW is the time to VOTE for the future of our industry. 

Read the candidates' bios and answers to the candidate questionnaire here:

Email with any questions or if you’re a voting member and do not receive voting instructions. The voting period ends September 15.




I'm thrilled to announce that RESISTING THE HEARTBREAKER is LIVE!!! You've read about Trevor Maguire in Tempting the Heartbreaker & in Seducing the Heartbreaker. Now you'll finally learn his deep dark secret and meet the woman who helps him face his past! Samantha Bennett's a former Navy helicopter pilot who is the perfect woman for Trevor... but he'll have to work hard to earn her love because Samantha knows what she wants and deserves from a man, even a Hollywood Hottie like Trevor Maguire! If you love steaming hot passionate romances with heart, then grab your copy today!

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Early Reviews are in and here's what readers are saying right now!

  • "RESISTING THE HEARTBREAKER is exciting from the beginning; the story is captivating, the characters unusual and sympathetic, especially a secondary character: Quentin, Trevor’s father."--Monique
  • "This book had me on pins and needles hoping they can get their happily ever after! Christine Glover has written another great book and is a five-star read."-- Kathy
  • "This was the first book I have read from this author - she is now on my radar for future books." -- Cherie
  • "This story was fun, sexy and at times pulled at my heartstrings. It was all well worth it though to get to the HEA, which was beautiful!" -- Jane


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Trevor Maguire—a dangerous, sexy devil in disguise who had the ability to get women naked with just one heart stopping, pulse pounding look.   

Trevor Maguire—a dangerous, sexy devil in disguise who had the ability to get women naked with just one heart stopping, pulse pounding look.


Indulge in a Romantic Escape Today--Tempting the Heartbreaker is Live!

Thrilled to announce the release of the first book in my brand new series THE HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAKERS... meet Signore Sexy Rafe Cavelli and Sabrina Maguire of the Hollywood Maguire Dynasty. Rafe rescues his best friend's sister from jail and hides her from the paparazzi in his secluded villa... easy right? What could possibly go wrong? Just major sparks flying between them...  and they're all in to indulge in a temporary fling...  but will giving into their temptation lead to something more?

I love Rafe and Sabrina... the early reviews are out and here's what other people have to say about this romantic couple:

"What a feel good read! Tempting the Heartbreaker is one of those books that has you grinning when you reach the end. Well, actually, it has you grinning, laughing, sighing, growling in anger, and swooning through the whole story." USA Today Best Selling Author Naima Simone

"Christine did a fantastic job weaving the story of Rafe and Sabrina. The emotions I could feel when reading this story kept me on my toes and wanting to see where this love story would go." 5 Stars on Goodreads

Ms. Glover describes the Tuscan countryside so vibrantly that’s TEMPTING THE HEARTBREAKER is a mini-vacation in itself . . . [she] has written incandescent, incendiary, and very passionate sex scenes that really make us believe in Sabrina and Rafe’s love affair. " 5 Stars on Goodreads



"The slow fuse Rafe had lit days earlier reignited with an explosive intensity as he swept his lips across hers. Electricity sparked and charged along Sabrina’s nerves, refusing to be extinguished. The heat of his palm in hers burned through her skin, and she released it to coil her arms around his neck to hold him.

He kissed her as if ravenous, tasting and devouring her with a hunger equaling her own. She savored his potent flavor and loved the way he molded her to his powerful, muscular body. He moved his mouth on hers, deepening their connection, and making her crave so much more.

Her heartbeat hammered in her chest and a current of hot need traveled into every erogenous zone she possessed. Her nipples pebbled and a delicious ache pulsed in her sex. Everything evaporated. Promises, past hurts, future ramifications dissolved until there was only him, only her, and only their need fueling them.

Rafe pressed hot kisses down her neck, blazing a path of scorching sensations through her body. She rocked into him, moving her hands down his back until they reached his waistline to tug his shirt free from his pants—her movements were frenzied and wild and eager as she raced her palms over his bare skin, ripping the buttons free."

You can read the rest of the story on Amazon Apple Kobo 

Coming soon from Nook!

You know I love my readers and every month I give one lucky reader a $25 Amazon Gift Card just for being one of my newsletter subscribers. That's all! All you have to do is sign up to learn about all my new releases and be automatically entered for a chance to win the giveaway.

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NYC, Hamilton, & Love Stories

Wow, I can't believe how fun this past week has been for me!! I released THE MARRIAGE ULTIMATUM one week ago today and the reviews are starting to come in. Lots of good words about Stefano and Roxy... a fun couple who have a lot to overcome before they can attain their happily ever after. But they will!!

5 Stars on Amazon!

"With a love for their son in common, they both realize they belong together, but the road to paradise is not always easy. A great book from a terrific writer!" -- Kathy

"The Marriage Ultimatum was a fast, fun, Sexy read. I have read other books by this author and she never disappoint. She always delivery a story that the readers can sit down, read and get lost in."  -- TwoNutty

While people were reading my new release, I went on a family vacation to NYC... wow! What a fabulous but very cold weekend! The Physicist and the Career Girl gave our family this trip at Christmas. We got to see THE BOOK OF MORMON and HAMILTON!! Both musicals were fabulous. While we were in NYC, we visited the World Trade Center memorial, the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art, and we dined in some fun places, too. Love this city and can't wait to go back.

Now I'm home and working on my revisions for the first book in my brand new series--the Hollywood Heartbreakers. I can't wait to get book 1 TEMPTING THE HEARTBREAKER into your hands this April! I know you'll love Sabrina and Rafe's love story -- it's already available for preorder on Amazon, Apple, and Kobo!

If you haven't grabbed your copy of THE MARRIAGE ULTIMATUM, you can get one today from these fine booksellers:

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