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The Healthy Writer: Catching ZZZZs

The Physicist and I are on a life makeover journey together. First, I lost 30 pounds and he needed to find something that would work for him too. He started a program called Naturally Slim. Every week for 30 weeks, he receives a set of videos covering wellness from a holistic viewpoint. This isn't a diet. There's no counting carbs, points or calories. 

This video series is about transforming the way people live, eat and more. Week by week, we are transforming not only our bodies, but our minds and spirits and overall health. We've been watching the videos for 12 weeks now. The Physicist has lost 10 pounds without trying! And I've lost another 5 which brings me down a total of 35 pounds gone! Woot!

One of the videos discussed vital needs. We all have them. Things that make us feel happy and fulfilled and good about ourselves. Some of our vital needs matched like spending quality one on one time with quality people. And others were very different. I like order and closure and completing projects. 

I also need SLEEP. I suffer from insomnia and if I get up at 3-4AM, I have learned to roll with that wake up time. I get a lot done between 5 and 10 or 11AM. But it's hard to stay awake for everything else. I used to try to push through the day.

Not anymore. I work from home as a freelance author/editor. Instead of pushing through the tiredness in my brain and body, I've discovered the absolute awesomeness of taking a nap. Yep. I stop what I'm doing around 1-2PM, head for my bedroom with my nice snuggly blanket and set u a napping nest. Sometimes I don't sleep, but I just lay there and breathe with my eyes closed and if the sleep happens, great, but even if all I do is daydream I get up about 45 minutes to an hour later and feel refreshed, ready to start back to work and spend time with the Physicist when he gets home. 

It revitalizes me. Gives me more energy to do my writing and all the other stuff I have to do too. And best of all, every time I go in for a lie down, I get up with new ideas and thoughts about my current works in progress and new stories I'm developing. 

So if you are able and you're tired around midday and you can take one, I highly recommend napping. It's good for the body, good for the soul, and good for generating more energy to do the things you love!

★•**•★Celebrating Tina Donahue's New Release: WICKED TIMES TWO: (A Wicked Brand Novel – Book 3)★•**•★

So excited to share Tina Donahue's super sexy erotic romance with y'all! Warning--the contents are HOT HOT HOT... 

Series Blurb:

South Florida just got a helluva lot steamier… During the day, the staff at Wicked Brand makes ink dreams a reality for their appreciative clients. After hours, this naughty crew engages in sensual delights as wild as the designs they’re selling. Their motto? Nothing forbidden. Nothing held back. 

Wicked Times Two Blurb:

She’s through with love and just wants to have some wicked fun...

Burned by her cheating boyfriend, Jasmina is finished with the idea of forever after with any guy. That fairy tale doesn’t exist—at least not for her. From now on, protecting her heart and letting pleasure rule is her motto.

Lucky for her, she has the perfect men in mind. Noah and Kyle, two of the hottest cops in West Palm Beach. She hasn’t been able to get them out of her head since they handled an altercation at Wicked Brand, the tattoo parlor she manages. When they come back to get inked, sparks fly.

Noah’s ready to play, and Kyle’s on board. All they want is her—submission, bondage, spanking…no strings or regrets. Seductive days roll into steamy nights, igniting feelings the guys hadn’t expected and Jasmina can’t deny.

What began as a sensual adventure could turn into so much more…if Jasmina can risk a different kind of love.


FACEBOOK PARTY – January 26 – guest authors, contests, prizes, eye candy – join the fun!

Enjoy your sexy new book TODAY!

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Notes from Christine's Writing Chair

Notes from the Writer's Chair #Prizes #Giveaways #Free #Book

Well, November is shaping up very nicely. I've got a great new story to work on, a wonderful trip planned to connect with two writing friends and work hard on getting this first draft finished. The Physicist and I are looking forward to a visit from the Career Girl for Thanksgiving. And finally, I've got a release coming out in January. I'll send out ARC sign up forms in December via my Street Team and my Newsletter. Woohoo!! 

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A Successful Release Week & More!

RESISTING THE HEARTBREAKER has had a wonderful release week. Thanks so much to everyone who are reading the book and special thanks to those who have left wonderful reviews. They truly help readers discover new authors and stories. Here's what some people have been saying about the third book in the HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAKERS' Series: has had a wonderful release week. Thanks so much to everyone who are reading the book and special thanks to those who have left wonderful reviews. They truly help readers discover new authors and stories. Here's what some people have been saying about the third book in the HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAKERS' Series:

"RESISTING THE HEARTBREAKER is exciting from the beginning; the story is captivating, the characters unusual and sympathetic." -- Monique

"This book had me on pins and needles hoping they can get their happily ever after! Christine Glover has written another great book and is a five-star read." -- Kathy

"This was the first book I have read from this author - she is now on my radar for future books." -- Cherie

"When these two meet sparks fly! This story was fun, sexy and at times pulled at my heartstrings. It was all well worth it though to get to the HEA, which was beautiful!" -- Jane

If you love steaming hot passionate romances with heart, then grab your copy today!

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Now that the final book in the HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAKERS' series is out, I focusing on developing a new series along with two other book projects. For those of you who have read TEMPTING THE HEARTBREAKER, you'll be excited to learn that Rafe's younger sister, Isabella, is going to have her own story and her romance will kick off the new series!! As usual, I like to shake things up and change my settings and backgrounds. And Isabella's story will definitely bring a twist as this Fish Out of Water meets her perfect hero in the gorgeous countryside surrounding the vineyards and the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. Northern Virginia was home to me and my family for many years and I love returning to this region. So, of course, I have to write a book series set in that area!! 

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I'm excited about the future and all the fun projects I'll be working on in the months ahead. I appreciate all of my readers and I promise to blog more often... not just about my books, but about other fun topics too. 



We're Starting to Have Fun Again!!

Thank you so much to all my readers and supporters for making TEMPTING THE HEARTBREAKER's release so much fun!! The Rafflecopter Sweeptstakes is officially closed, and the winner is posted on the Website's Home Page. If you are on my Street Team, the Passionettes, then one lucky person won a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate just for sharing release week posts and more. So if you aren't a member, join today for more opportunities to get exclusive sneak peeks, win prizes, and just have FUN!

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Winning prizes is a lot of fun! And I love my readers so I want to make y'all happy. And being happy means discovering new stories by authors and being able to win prizes that can help readers get their hands on what they love most: BOOKS!!

Because I love to have fun and I love my readers, I will be at several events this year where you can meet me! Some will be simple Meet & Greets at local restaurants all over the USA--wherever I am I will be connecting with my readers. And I'll be joined by other fabulous authors! I'll be posting more information about that in a separate post, on my Facebook Fan Page and on my Amazon Author Page

I used to keep a fun blog before I sold my first book called DIGGING OUT OF DISTRACTION. It featured posts about my writing journey and celebrated my debut authors who got that famous "you sold a book call" before me. Between writing, publishing, traveling, events, and all the other stuff that go along with being a published author, I stopped blogging other than to announce my next release.

I miss blogging about the other stuff. So starting in May, I am resurrecting my BREAK OUT THE BUBBLY AND DARK CHOCOLATE blog posts with a twist. Instead of just celebrating debut authors I love, I will share interviews with authors that I admire and love. Stay tuned for that to happen once a month!

I am also resurrecting my Writing Journey posts in May. They will cover a wide range of topics, but mostly they will be about how to overcome obstacles to writing. BICHOK: Butt in Chair, Hands on Keys will post once a month. I can't wait!

There's a new topic I want to post about--I was going to do something more super fancy like a YouTube video but that requires hair and makeup cause y'all do not want to see me any other way. However, I still want to do it. Before I became a writer, and author, I was an avid reader. Romances are my favorite books and I haven't stopped reading them. So I want to share the books I read with you -- as a reader, not an author. Not as a reviewer either. Just as someone who LOVES ROMANCE! And wants to connect with other Romance Readers.  BEYOND BODICE RIPPERS will debut in May, too.

Of course, I'll be tweaking things and you'll be hearing about my new releases here and everywhere else I can get the word out. I spend a lot of time writing my romances for my readers. It is truly a labor of love. I love love. I love romance. And I love bringing my readers romances that give them an escape from reality that uplifts, tantalizes, and maybe even makes them giggle.

TEMPTING THE HEARTBREAKER gives the reader all that and more. I hope you enjoyed it if you have already read the story. And if you haven't, then it's available on these sites. Escape reality and have a sexy fling with my new Hollywood Heartbreaker Rafe. :)

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