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★•**•★FALLING FOR HER TEMPORARY BODYGUARD is LIVE!!★•**•★ #giveaways #romance #brotherhoodprotectors #kindleworld

FALLING FOR HER TEMPORARY BODYGUARD: A Brotherhood Protectors' Novella is LIVE!!!

Super excited to bring you the second book in my Lawson family Brotherhood Protectors' Kindle World series as part of Elle James' sexy new world. You can get your copy from Amazon Kindle TODAY!! It's only 1.99 or FREE from Kindle Unlimited. 


My sexy ginger bodyguard... Jacob Lawson meets his match in Eagle Rock, Montana in this action-filled, sexy story.



Navy SEAL Jacob Lawson returns to Montana to receive physical therapy for a bum shoulder that might permanently put him out of commission. When his sexy physical therapist is threatened by a dangerous criminal, he volunteers to guard her as a favor to the Brotherhood Protectors’ leader. Jacob’s attracted to her, but he won’t take advantage of the situation. He won’t touch her… though he wants to do that and so much more.

Claire Murray once put a madman away with her testimony against him. Now he’s free and she’s terrified he’ll follow through on his threats against her. The Brotherhood Protectors are a man short, so her muscular, powerful patient offers to fill in. She accepts his help only if he’ll let her treat him for free. Soon spending her days and nights with this hot protector ignites tantalizing fantasies she craves for him to fulfill. 

Unfortunately, Jacob’s keeping his hands to himself… that is until she realizes the attraction is mutual during a sizzling after-hours physical therapy session. And though she usually doesn’t make the first move, Claire dares her gorgeous temporary bodyguard to act on their desire. 

When he does, they unleash their sexual chemistry, but when the danger escalates, Claire insists on luring her stalker out of hiding so she can stop him. Now Jacob must put the woman he’s grown to love in the line of fire to save her life…

Available from AMAZON

Today: 1:30-10PM CST
Join the fun and enter for chances to win prizes from 17 Brotherhood Protector Authors as we celebrate our releases!

Become a member of the Reader Group here. We're partying all afternoon!


I'm so stoked about the launch of these 17 books that I'm giving away 4 Brotherhood Protectors' e-books by any author of your choice in this month's launch. Here's the lineup authors and links to their books too! Enter for a chance to win a free book by commenting on this blog with the title you want to read! Easy!!

Paige Yancey, Hot Colorado Nights -
Delilah Devlin, Reaper’s Ride -
Regan Black, Lost Signal -
Heather Long, Wrangling Wanda -
Ilsa J Ilsa J. Bick, Soldier’s Heart Part 3 -
Jen Talty, Rough Justice -
Jesse Jacobson - Author, Rainhorse -
Silver James, Montana Moon -
Kris Norris, Carved In Ice -
Margaret Madigan, Broken SEAL -
Beth Colleen Beth Williamson, Sawyer -
Desiree Holt, Hidden Danger -
Kat Mizera, Catching Lana -
Aliyah Burke, Spring Rain -
Mary Caelsto-Lenker/Mary Winter, Roped and Rescued -
Layla Chase, Ranger Loyalty -

Notes from the Writer's Chair

So much excitement this week!! I love new releases. Once this busy day is over, I'll be working on my fun new modern fairy tale romance set in a lush fantasy kingdom located in the Mediterranean Sea. This Marriage of Convenience love story is sexy, edgy and has a hint of suspense! But today? I'm partying!!! Join us and say hello!



★•**•★FALLING FOR HER BODYGUARD is LIVE today!!★•**•★


My brand new Romantic Suspense FALLING FOR HER BODYGUARD is out today!! This super hot novella is part of Elle James' Brotherhood Protectors' exciting new Kindle World. You can get your copy for ONLY $1.99 or FREE if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. 

Here's an excerpt... 

“Can it wait until morning?” She lifted her head, her beautiful green eyes glittered with unshed tears. “I just want one night where I can pretend no one is after me. That no one wants to hurt me. Please. Ethan. Just hold me. Don’t let me go.” 

“You’re tired.” He didn’t break their fragile contact. But he should. He really needed to create some distance between them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from acting on every wild impulse he had about being with her. “You need to get some sleep.” 

“I’m afraid. What if John comes here?” 

“Don’t be. I’ll be right outside your bedroom door.” Fuck. She looked so damn vulnerable, but he couldn’t take advantage of her fear. “He’d have to get through me first.” 

“I don’t want you outside my bedroom door.” She stroked her hands up his back until they reached the base of his neck. “I can’t stand the idea of being alone tonight.” 

He shouldn’t. No. Nada. No way should he agree to be with her. There had to be some code in the Brotherhood Protectors’ manifesto against crawling into bed with their clients. But he understood all too well the aftereffects of dodging danger. The adrenaline rush followed by the realization that death nearly caught you in its snare. 

“I’ll stay with you,” he said. “Hold you. But nothing more. I won’t take advantage of you.” 

“That’s okay, as long as you don’t stop me from taking advantage of you,” she said, kissing his jaw and moving her lips closer, closer still to his mouth. 

Hungry for more? Grab your copy of FALLING FOR HER BODYGUARD from AMAZON today!! 

Notes from the Writer's Chair

I'm thrilled to share this new release with all my readers! It's my 10th romance which is a pretty awesome milestone. I hope you enjoy the Brotherhood Protector's Kindle World. There's a great Facebook party today to celebrate this brand new world's 3rd launch starting at 4PM CST. You can check it out here:

Brotherhood Protectors' Launch Party

I hope I see you there!! There'll be lots of prizes, Man Candy and more!!



He’d thought he’d be babysitting a spoiled movie star, not a sexy and feisty woman who ticked all the boxes in his I- want-to-do-you column… 

He’d thought he’d be babysitting a spoiled movie star, not a sexy and feisty woman who ticked all the boxes in his I- want-to-do-you column… 

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9 BROTHERHOOD PROTECTORS novels by 9 Romance Authors in ELLE JAMES' exciting new Kindle World!! Grab them all today!!

9 BROTHERHOOD PROTECTORS novels by 9 Romance Authors in ELLE JAMES' exciting new Kindle World!! Grab them all today!!