Between the Covers: Falling for Her Unexpected Bodyguard

Another release is zooming out into the world and I am so excited about everyone getting to read Sloane and Ben’s story, FALLING FOR HER UNEXPECTED BODYGUARD. I absolutely adore this couple’s romance.

When I first sat down to write my third Lawson Family Brotherhood Protector novella, I wanted to explore how two polar opposites would find a way to each other. They were a fun couple to write and get to know too!

Sloane Bishop is a Hollywood screenwriter/movie script writer who needs to regain her ability to trust again after escaping a bad engagement with a former Beauty Pageant Champion and television heartthrob. Ben Lawson is a strong Marine who is at a crossroads in his life. Does he go on with another military tour or does he go in a new direction that will give him a different way to fight for justice?

I love exploring the themes of letting go of the past in order to have the future you deserve—in this case, a future with another person filled with love and happiness. This tends to be a constant theme in my books because I truly believe we have the power to change our lives by focusing forward and letting go of old hurts and betrayals. We need to risk being hurt in order to find joy.

Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves? Joy? Hope? Love?

You can find it in the pages of this story. I hope you’ll fall in love with this amazing couple too.


Here’s a bit more information about the story:

They’re falling for each other, but they’ve got to stay alive first…

To escape her ex-fiancé, writer Sloane Bishop accepts a retreat at her bestie’s house in Montana. What she didn’t count on was sharing the space with her friend’s smoking hot brother, Ben. Even worse, her ex-fiancé is stalking her, but the special forces Marine who’s making her tingle in all the right ways makes her another offer she’d be crazy to refuse. 

Ben Lawson offers to protect Sloane as a favor to his sister and to distract himself from the military investigation into a botched mission overseas. Not only did he lose his unit, he’s sidelined until the outcome clears his name. He’s determined to ignore the heat simmering between them… they’re only together for a temporary amount of time and he’s got nothing to offer her. 

Now they’re starting to fall for each other, but before they can have what they want, they have to keep each other alive, and time’s running out… 

FALLING FOR HER UNEXPECTED BODYGUARD is FREE on Kindle Unlimited and available worldwide on Amazon.

Grab your copy today and lose yourself in a hot, page turning romantic suspense.

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