Indulge in a Romantic Escape Today--Tempting the Heartbreaker is Live!

Thrilled to announce the release of the first book in my brand new series THE HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAKERS... meet Signore Sexy Rafe Cavelli and Sabrina Maguire of the Hollywood Maguire Dynasty. Rafe rescues his best friend's sister from jail and hides her from the paparazzi in his secluded villa... easy right? What could possibly go wrong? Just major sparks flying between them...  and they're all in to indulge in a temporary fling...  but will giving into their temptation lead to something more?

I love Rafe and Sabrina... the early reviews are out and here's what other people have to say about this romantic couple:

"What a feel good read! Tempting the Heartbreaker is one of those books that has you grinning when you reach the end. Well, actually, it has you grinning, laughing, sighing, growling in anger, and swooning through the whole story." USA Today Best Selling Author Naima Simone

"Christine did a fantastic job weaving the story of Rafe and Sabrina. The emotions I could feel when reading this story kept me on my toes and wanting to see where this love story would go." 5 Stars on Goodreads

Ms. Glover describes the Tuscan countryside so vibrantly that’s TEMPTING THE HEARTBREAKER is a mini-vacation in itself . . . [she] has written incandescent, incendiary, and very passionate sex scenes that really make us believe in Sabrina and Rafe’s love affair. " 5 Stars on Goodreads



"The slow fuse Rafe had lit days earlier reignited with an explosive intensity as he swept his lips across hers. Electricity sparked and charged along Sabrina’s nerves, refusing to be extinguished. The heat of his palm in hers burned through her skin, and she released it to coil her arms around his neck to hold him.

He kissed her as if ravenous, tasting and devouring her with a hunger equaling her own. She savored his potent flavor and loved the way he molded her to his powerful, muscular body. He moved his mouth on hers, deepening their connection, and making her crave so much more.

Her heartbeat hammered in her chest and a current of hot need traveled into every erogenous zone she possessed. Her nipples pebbled and a delicious ache pulsed in her sex. Everything evaporated. Promises, past hurts, future ramifications dissolved until there was only him, only her, and only their need fueling them.

Rafe pressed hot kisses down her neck, blazing a path of scorching sensations through her body. She rocked into him, moving her hands down his back until they reached his waistline to tug his shirt free from his pants—her movements were frenzied and wild and eager as she raced her palms over his bare skin, ripping the buttons free."

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