Recently, a Washington Post interview pulled a quote from Hillary Rodham Clinton that painted romance novels in an unflattering light. And given the #metoo #enough movements along with the recent sexual misconduct allegations against many men in power, I feel that it's important to address this topic. I'm a romance author. Before I became a romance writer, I was a huge fan of romance novels. They gave me hope and a belief that I could achieve anything I set my heart on doing and that I deserved to be treated with dignity and respect by my life partner. 

I met my real life hero a long time ago. He isn't perfect. Neither am I. But we are strong together and we support each other through good times and bad. He is why I believe in love even with all the bumps in the road and having to come back to the table a few times to reset our commitment to each other. 

A lot has changed in the romance industry since I started reading and writing these novels. One thing I know about my own books is my heroes are honorable alpha males. Why? Because they don't believe in coercing a woman to do anything she is not comfortable doing even though they are physically attracted to them. And they often hold back because they don't want to take advantage of the heroines' vulnerability. They want the heroine to find a man she deserves and he mistakenly believes he can't be that man. Together, they learn they deserve each other. And certainly, that is the case in THE MOVE STAR'S RED HOT HOLIDAY FLING

Blake Johnston, AKA Hollywood Hottie and Action Hero Quinn Sawyer knows Jessie Sullivan is wounded inside and out. So when her mother asks him to help her prepare for her grueling fire academy's application, he agrees. When he first meets Jessie, he's attracted to her. But he's not going to act on that attraction because he knows he's leaving in a few weeks and he doesn't want to hurt her. But surprise--Jessie's attracted to him too. And when the first kiss happens, it is at HER request, not because he pushed himself on her. That is an honorable, good man who also happens to be sexy, hot, and delicious. 


Jessie was special. She deserved someone who wouldn’t leave her behind. All he could offer her was a temporary fling. And he refused to engage in a shallow holiday affair no matter how much his hormones said to pull the trigger and go for it...

Later, after Jessie confesses what's bottling up inside her heart, she says...“I’m tired of doctors and hospitals and well-meaning, encouraging words. I don’t want to be treated like a specimen in a petri dish. I don’t want people poking and probing and prodding me anymore. I want...” She closed her eyes and two rebel tears traveled down her cheek, dampening his fingers.

The rustling of the trees, the heat of the sun on his back, and the mountains in the distance evaporated. There was only this time. This space. And this woman standing before him with the strength of a warrior, but with her heart vulnerable and exposed and anticipating.

“What do you want?” he asked.

She opened her beautiful gray-blue eyes and tears glistened on her black-as-night lashes. “I want someone to hold me,” she said. “Not because I’m wounded. Not because I’m alive. But because I’m me.”

Something shifted inside Blake.A fierce desire to protect Jessie, to offer her more than the comfort of his arms around her, rushed through him. He fought to suppress the force of his attraction and contain the forbidden, emerging emotions.

This proud, obstinate, and fiery woman deserved a worthy man. It wasn’t him.

With his life at a crossroads, he couldn’t offer her more than a brief escape. But damn it all to hell, he couldn’t deny her, or himself, any longer. Not when she’d flayed her soul.

His heart punched him in the solar plexus. She’d called him a hero. Though he was wrong for her, and he shouldn’t act on his attraction, Blake wanted to be the man who lived up to her expectations. At least for now.

He pulled her to him, wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “I’ve got you, Jessie.” Blake kissed the top of her head, inhaled her unique scent, felt the spasm of sorrow travel through her slender frame.

Her arms coiled around his waist. “Don’t let go.”

The sound of her soft keening, the desperation of her grip on him, undid him. “I won’t.” He tilted her face upward and swiped the tears from her cheeks. Her chin wobbled, and her breath misted the air between them.

Time slowed. He heard every rough beat of his heart, felt the fire building in his groin, and the desire he’d banked roared to life. “I couldn’t stop even if I tried.” He lowered his lips to touch hers and tasted the salt of her sorrow.

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